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Africa offers high investment return
potential supported by attractive macro
growth prospects and impressive
population increase.

Gateway Delta Development Holdings Limited is a private real estate development company resident in Mauritius. The Company has recently been established with a permanent capital structure to develop and invest in the following real estate classes across the African continent (excluding South Africa):

  • Retail,
  • Commercial,
  • Education,
  • Healthcare,
  • Specialised residential, and
  • Industrial.

These properties will be tenanted by blue chip multinational corporations who have the ability to enter into US dollar denominated or US dollar-linked long-term lease contracts.

Through its market positioning, IP, unique skill set and dynamic business methodology Gateway Delta provides investors with high-yielding US dollar denominated real estate exposure with robust growth potential maximising returns for its shareholders.

About Us

Gateway Delta’s objectives are to:

  • Become the continent’s leading real estate developer,
  • Achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in real estate developments across Africa (excluding South Africa),
  • Collectively develop a portfolio of real estate assets with quality leases and strong counterparties,
  • Build diverse revenue streams and create long-term franchise value, and
  • Promote community development through participating in social infrastructure investments in education, student accommodation and health care.


Gateway Delta seeks to achieve an above average US Dollar internal rate of return and a multiple on equity of two times or greater through investing in its target jurisdictions.

The Company’s development pipeline will be financed using a combination of debt raised through bank finance, own equity, partnership equity as well as equity raised through a private placement of ordinary shares to pre-selected institutional investors.

Gateway Delta is capitalised at US$175 million in equity and will raise additional equity up to US$250 million during its initial funding phase.

The founders are offering additional investors an opportunity to participate in high-yielding US dollar denominated property development projects on the African continent (excluding South Africa) through its structure.

Contact Us

Greg Pearson

Office number: +230 260 0310
Mobile number: +230 58 032 430 (Mauritius)

Tim Redman

Office number: +230 260 0310
Mobile number: +230 52 571 116 (Mauritius)